LSF-UK is the UK branch of an international network of LSF groups

Registered charity 1168809

LSF (Luthiers sans Frontières- Violin Makers without Borders) was set up in Belgium in 2001 as a voluntary group of professional violin and bow makers. The UK branch was founded in 2008.

LSF (Luthiers sans Frontières- Violin Makers without Borders) provides training in repair and care of violins and bows in countries where these skills are scarce.

We recognise that music and working on musical instruments has an important role in fostering social development and in improving the life-chances of young people, especially in countries where there is political or economic difficulty.

So far LSF UK has completed 15 missions to Haiti, Ecuador, Afghanistan, Philippines, Antigua, Uganda and Malawi.

Can you help us?

We need:


Good used strings can have a useful life on student instruments. Don’t throw them away! Please put the used strings into the empty ‘new’ packet and bring them to Lutherie or send the sets to John Milnes, 1a Brook Street, Oxford OX1 4LQ. (Sadly we can’t use tangles of strings taken from cheap instruments – they are difficult to sort and the quality is not worth the effort.)


Virtually any hand tools useful to violinmakers.

Old cello and bass bridges

We can adapt them for re-use or recycle them for all kinds of uses.

New Bow hair, bridges, pegs etc

Virtually any and everything has a use, but not tailpieces or shoulder rests please.


The cost of sending two volunteers on a mission is around £3,000.

You can donate via our website or come to see us on our stand on the day at LUTHERIE.

Violin maker or restorer? We need volunteers as well as donations!

RAB Trust

For over 20 year, the RAB Trust has been supporting student violin makers with financial grants and work placements. Come and chat with us about how you can be involved.
We will also be selling secondhand tools to raise funds.

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