Traders for Lutherie 2022

Traders have been an important feature of Lutherie from the start. We’re happy to present a range of specialised suppliers who are ready to help you with the purchases of materials and tools so vital to our trade.

Alexander Accessories

We are proud to supply hand-crafted French and English (Hill) style tailpieces of any length for both violins and violas.

We carry the widest range of bespoke/hand-crafted chinrest designs available on the market. The woods we use are:

  • Boxwood (Buxus Sempervirens). All boxwood is sourced from the French Pyrenees or French Alps.

  • Fine grain Ebony

  • Rosewood


(Buxus Sempervirens) is sourced from the French Pyrenees or French Alps.

Alpentonholz - Andreas Pahler

Andreas and Alfred from Alpentonholz Pahler are happy again to be part of the new format of Lutherie Day.

We do our best to continuously provide well-cut wood billets from the Alps and from Bosnia as well as fingerboards and handmade sound posts.

Looking much forward to see you in Newark-on-Trent!

Amati are known for their regular musical instrument auctions including specialised events for violin makers including wood and tools.

Working with John Dilworth, they also publish books relevant to violin makers, and for Lutherie they will bring examples of their current offering:

• The Dictionary of Violin and Bow Makers

• The Monograph Collection books detailing instruments by Antonio Stradivari:
La Pucelle violin, 1709
Tyrrell violin 1717
Archinto cello 1689

Contact Sarah Buchanan

Lutherie Books/Tim Toft Violins

New and secondhand books on violin/bow makers and violin/bow making will be available from and Tim Toft Violins.

Special discounts will be given on the day to  BVMA members and students.

British Violin Making Association

The British Violin Making Association was founded in 1995 to promote fellowship between those who have an interest in the history and the craft of violin and bow making. We welcome professional and amateur violin makers and restorers alike, as well as all those who share an interest in the subject and the craft. Although we are the British Violin Making Association, we welcome members from around the world. Membership with the BVMA means you'll receive our quarterly magazine, be able to attend our events and courses as well as gaining access to our conferences at a discounted rate.

Daniel Lane - photographer

Twelve years ago I started photographing instruments and bows and have enjoyed developing my expertise in this area since. I love that each instrument has its own unique tale to tell - be it the wood it's crafted from, the maker who lovingly made it or the hands it's been played by. Combining these stories with my skills allows me to not only be creative, but to record a bit of history at the same time.

I grew up in the countryside near Newark, and it was my grandfather, who introduced me to photography (and my Grandfather’s Uncle Sidney who gave him a Kodak box brownie).

Daniel will be available during Lutherie to photograph your instruments, please contact him for more details.

07887 720421

D’Addario Strings

D’Addario is the world's largest manufacturer of musical instrument strings and accessories marketed under several product brands including D’Addario Orchestral. A family-owned and operated business with roots dating back to 17th century Italy, we make bowed strings and accessories for all levels of players and playing styles. Our orchestral range includes Prelude, Ascenté, Pro Arté, Helicore, Zyex and Kaplan. D’Addario now has over 1,100 employees worldwide, and manufactures 95% of its products in the U.S. D'Addario strings and accessories are distributed in 120 countries and are the preferred choice of professional and serious amateur musicians worldwide.

Contact Markus Lawrenson:

0191 300 3018

RAB Trust

For over 20 year, the RAB Trust has been supporting student violin makers with financial grants and work placements. Come and chat with us about how you can be involved.
We will also be selling secondhand tools to raise funds.

The Sound Post Ltd

Specialist distributor of bowed string instruments, strings, fittings & accessories.

Exclusive supplier of Larsen Strings, Despiau Bridges, Oldwood 1700 Varnishes, Leatherwood Rosin and Bam Cases in the United Kingdom.


TIKL - Pro-restore violin cleaner

TIKL Pro Restore was developed for luthiers and restorers, with the recognition of the need for a safe and effective cleaner. Its powerful but gentle formula is designed for the removal of aged dirt build-up and dried rosin from varnished surfaces.

There are plenty of products open to restorers, but many have limited effectiveness, with others being toxic and harmful to health as well, as being potentially damaging to instruments.

  • Water-based

  • Low environmental impact

  • Fully biodegradable

  • Solvent free

  • Non-toxic

  • Non-flammable

  • Non-caustic

  • Non-abrasive

  • Harmless to plants & animals

Rowan Brown -

hand-turned tuning pegs

I have a range of peg and endpin designs for violin, viola and cellos as well as making historical copies and bespoke pegs to order.

After spending some time learning from my dad before he retired, I started supplying pegs for a wide variety of instruments in 2018.

As my first time at an event, I’m very pleased to be attending Lutherie 2023.

W. E. Hill & Sons Lutherie Products

Established in 1762, W.E. Hill & Sons is one of the most famous companies in the history of violin making.

In the early 1980s the well-established British rosin makers, The Hidersine Company, were commissioned to manufacture bowed instrument rosin for W. E. Hill & Sons. These rosins are still manufactured to the same special recipe today by Hidersine, using a unique blend of oils and resins, appropriately setting it apart from the more common blends of beeswax used by other brands. The range also features premium lutherie care products.

With over 250 years of bowed instrument manufacturing history, W. E. Hill & Sons is still the leading choice for professionals to this day.

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